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NEA Voting Panel Chairman Unveils

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Speaking at the launching ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of Lake Production, Alhaji K. Tarawally stated that the 2020 NEA Awards is set to take place on the 23rd December 2020, and will be done in a grand style. He furthered that this year’s NEA will have nomination and voting criteria for all nominees, noting that nomination will begin in two weeks. He continued that this year, they will have nomination voting App, in order to enable people vote through their smart phones.

He maintained that they will be doing live broadcast event, because of the Covid-19 precautions in the country.

He assured that improvement and value addition will be made on the National Entertainment Awards.

He explained that this year’s NEA Awards have made few changes on the voting categories, which include Best Photo Graphics and Best Restaurant of the year adding that it will have digital online tickets in different parts of the country which will be easier.

The outgoing chairman of National Entertainment Awards, Chief Brima Keita said that Lake Production is the best in Sierra Leone, and that last year some people walked to him and said they want their names as best Award Winners, but he told them that he can’t be in that situation.

He continued that despite the huge pressure on him last year, he thank God that everything went successful.

Launching the National Entertainment Awards (NEA) 2020, the Chairman of the Awards Dr. Ezekiel Duramany Lakkoh said that he was surprised to have been chosen as chairman for this year.

He underscored that some musicians have people who they send around and called them manager, noting that such people are messengers not managers; that managers are people who manage the musician and take decisions on their behalf.

He also stated that a person who gives a musician money to promote his or her music is not his manager but his promoter, and advised that in any entertainment industry, two things should be looked into, which are talent and fame management.

He called on people to put more effort in the entertainment industry so that it will grow more than it is.

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