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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dycar/Pinnacle Hospitality Launched

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By Marilyn King

Friday 19th February 2021 saw the launch of the Dycar Pinnacle Hospitality at the Sierra Light House Aberdeen, Freetown.

The Chief Security Officer and Project Coordinator of Dycar Pinnacle Hospitality, Yvette Shears said that the hospitality sector covers Tourism, Restaurants, Hotel accommodation for business and Tourist guests, Night Clubs, Casinos, bars and corporate and mining canteens.

She furthered that the Industry suffered a vacuum as a result of the ten-year war as most of the professionals left for greener pastures.

She continued that Hotels Restaurants and Entertainment owners were left with little choice but to employ non-professionals in the hope of training them on the job.

Yvette Smith maintained that Dycar Pinnacle mission is to train Youths, to include Women in the Hospitality and Tourism sector throughout the Country.

She noted that by putting together a team of experienced Personnel and their aim is to prepare for employment, well trained Youth who are already in the Industry and need training to render professional services within the Industry.

She also said that they have One Hundred and Fifteen (115) students that will start the training three days a week for the next six months.

She concluded that Dycar Pinnacle will approach the training with a curriculum covering four key arears to include food and beverages services, customer services covering guests’ relations covering front office and deportment, ground Hosts(ess) Meet and Greet, Housekeeping.

Introduction to computer training she said will be done at IPAM University.

One of the trainees of Dycar Pinnacle Hospitality, Nasu Mary Marcarthy, said that the hospitality Industry is an important Industry as far as the growth and development of a country. She said that it is not only meant to raise revenue for the state and the Industry, but also to create employment and satisfaction for thousands of people out there.

She continued that as workers in the Industry, it is necessary for them to be having extra training, just as the one they were about to have, as it will enable with them with acquiring new skills and broaden their knowledge in running the Industry.

In his keynote address the Assignment Manager for Skill Development Fund (SDF) Peter Kaindaneh, said that the fund itself is a sixteen Million US Dollars

He furthered that they put together a proposal for concept rods, and got 168 concept rods.

He continued that they got application from 15 out of 16 districts in Sierra Leone, and Dycar Pinnacle was among them.

Out of the 110 applicants only the 63 were successful with Dycar among the successful ones.

The Commissioner for National Youth Commission Ngolo Katta said that they will encourage Dycar Pinnacle to make sure that they are well trained and capacitated and to approach the government of the country.

He continued that the whole idea was about creating opportunities for competence, based on educational training.

Ngolo Katta furthered, that with such training, the students will get a capacity that will help them enter into a Job market.

He also told them to put in their best so that they will be trained well and have their certificates to get a good and Perfect Job.

The launch was chaired by Ing. Andrew Keili.

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