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How can an empty coffin be taken for burial? Well, it happened in Ashobi corner, according to a newspaper report titled “Bizarre: Pallbearers take empty coffin to kissy road cemetery”. The newspaper says-“On Wednesday 28th July, 2021, more than twenty Muslim Jamaat members were following a coffin carried by six men, which they thought contained a female corpse, (name withheld) from Black Hall road approaching the Kissy Road cemetery to be buried at around 4pm. Prayers had been said in one of the Mosques in the Ashobi Corner community (name withheld) when on the way to Upgun round-about, one of the six-men, who carried the coffin lifted the black cloth used to cover the corpse became suspicious that no corpse was in the coffin. When they arrived at the Kissy Road cemetery with the intention and instruction of the Imam after prayers, to take out the corpse from the coffin, they found no corpse. Some other members who went along with the burial team, thought that the corpse had disappeared.”

Well it did not exactly disappear! The Imam of the Mosque provided some clarity for the disappearance. The Imam admitted that the corpse had been washed and taken to the Mosque mortuary. A covered coffin had been placed outside the mortuary, giving the impression that the prepared corpse was in the coffin. The “efficient and dutiful” pall bearers, accompanied by family members then took away the coffin unbeknown to him. The Imam said- ”Family members who were at the Kissy Road cemetery felt aggrieved but I spoke to them to understand what happened”. The coffin was taken back to the mosque mortuary and this time, they made sure the body was enclosed before the actual interment at around 5.30 pm.

May the soul of the departed now rest in peace. One feels for the family who had to go through this tragic event. All is well that ends well, but many questions come to mind.  Who gave permission to take the coffin the first time? Could the pall bearer not discern the difference in weight between an empty coffin and one that has a body enclosed? What must have gone through the minds of family members when they first realised there was no body in the coffin? What was the Imam’s responsibility in all of this? Bizarre indeed!


A village Chief has detained an errant husband who has made it a habit of running away from his six wives at the start of the rainy season when hunger is intense and returning when the situation gets better. The newspaper report-“Runaway husband of six wives caught” quotes Village Chief Pa Santigie Kuma as saying that the husband was detained as a caution. The newspaper reports- “Faray has been in habit of leaving his wives, whenever rain starts every year. He only returns during the time of scaring birds away for the harvest. After brushing his farm, he will divide it into six portions according to the number of his wives and disappear. His elderly wife, Bomposseh, with four children, who reported the issue to the chief, said she did so on her own and not with her co-wives. “Faray should tell me how much he will pay me on his return this time for the work I have to do in his absence,” she declared.”

The other wives also expressed the same concerns. But Faray had his defence. The report says-“In his response Faray said his going out of the village is to cater for the livelihood of the family. “I keep sending money to all of them and even for the children,” he said continuing that he always goes with his sewing machine which means, he goes out to do some work.”

Chief Santigie would however have none of Faray’s response- “We will not leave you until a relative of yours signs your release. Tell your wives how much money you have to bring for each of them on your return,” the chief said, continuing that, Faray is careless about his wives’ welfare because he didn’t feel a force that will compel him on his responsibilities. How can you be a man, but always wishing your wives to work for you?” he asked.

Faray has been abandoned. Even his bother Saybon could not sign for his release. He said he used to be carrying the burden of the wives in the absence of his brother, but he himself had become tired. “The only solution to this is for him to stop going on fruitless trips,” he said.

The wise chief has a solution to this conundrum. If none of Faray’s relatives show up on his behalf, he will seize part of their family land and pawn it to someone that would address his wives’ needs. Meanwhile Faray is still in the hands of the chief’s local court.

Wel, well, Faray is in hot waters. So many questions come to mind about poor old Faray. Why marry six wives in the first place? Why not cut your coat according to your size? Are you sure when you escape from your wives for a whole season you don’t acquire other “wives”, legally or illegally wherever you have been? So you have a sewing machine?- Why not use it in your village to sew for people and earn some money? And a few questions for the wives. Faray must be a serial offender. Wife number 2 must have known how he treated number 1. Number 3 must have known how numbers 1 and 2 were treated- and so on. As for wife number 6, she probably needs psychiatric help!

This seems like a difficult case with only one solution-prayers for Faray!


Well, well, this “Juju man” business has gone a bit too far and is now circling round journalistic circles.   A newspaper article “Juju man storms freedom radio, Joseph Songa came out clean but producer Adeyemi Jackson fall” caught my eye. Let the paper speak for itself-

“It was a public disgrace last Wednesday at Freedom Radio 90.1 against a senior Producer, Adeyemi Jackson when a sorcerer (looking gron man) alleged that the Fifteen Million Leones (Le 15M), equivalently One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars’ worth mobile phone was stolen by the long-time practicing journalist. According to source, the Juju man visited the radio station with the consent of the management to find out and expose the thief. Unfortunately, when the Juju man pressed the country pot on the stomach of Mr. Jackson, it hold fast and tight, while the rest ten accused persons, including Joseph Julius Songa went through the hottest country pot checkup or examination. The Juju man was respected by the management and staff of Freedom Radio as he was able to discover a hidden mobile phone which was kept in a bag downstairs by management. The accused persons who were proved innocent after they have gone through a rigorous and robust exercise left their case to God as they have being scrutinized and came out clean. Congratulations Joseph Songa for going through inhuman treatment and later became innocent in a matter you have been labelled as a prime suspect.”

This is such a biased article! Why does the reporter only congratulate Joseph Julius Songa? Why not Jackson?-Was it because the pot “hold fast and tight” on his stomach? Does the Human Rights Commission give a nod to this “country pot” business? Where is SLAJ in all of this? –SLAJ Prezzo, De Monk, please save your journalists.


Congratulations to AYV’s Phebean Swill on becoming a Mandela Fellow. Well deserved for this well liked and versatile media personality. Unfortunate however that Ambassador Kao Denero decided to rain on her parade for a fairly innocuous statement related to the recent fuel price increase. Apparently, Phebean had put up the following post in a forum controlled by the Ambassador himself;

“I’m selling my vehicle

I want to buy a bicycle

With a bicycle I won’t worry about fuel and traffic

Oh it will also help me get in shape”

The Ambassador wasted no time in showing her out the door from the forum and the Board after she refused to put it down.  Congratulations and commiserations my dear Phebean! Phebean in the true Mandela spirit wished the Ambassador well.

But this is not the first time the Ambassador is exercising his powers. A few months ago, somebody calling himself his “Personal Assistance” wrote a press release from the “Office of the Ambassador for Entertainment and Investment”. The press release stated- “This is to inform the Public that it has pleased the Ambassador of Entertainment and Investment in Sierra Leone Ambassador Kao Denero to terminate the services of the undermentioned Board members with immediate effect:” Six Board members were sacked including “Pilot CPO” and “DJ Al-Snap” for “non-cooperation to promote the industry”. The Personal Assistance” made it clear the Ambassador’s ideology was the same as government’s. Credit to him however that he wished the former board members “success in their adventure” and looked forward to “perfect collaboration with the new appointees”.

Indeed, only in Sierra Leone!

By Andrew Keili

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