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Three months to elections…SLPP IN A HURRY

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The ruling SLPP seem to be in a hurry to implement proposed projects and/or showcase their achievements over the years. Not a day have we not seen one kind of launching or an orchestrated assembly used as a platform to inform the people of this country about the “good deeds” of the president and his party.

Two weeks ago, we witnessed the opening of the new airport in Lungi. Journalists were taken to Lungi just a week before the ceremonial opening to verify and concur that the airport is indeed new and not refurbished or renovated as trumpeted by the opposition party. The opening ceremony which attracted a mammoth crowd quickly degenerated into a political rally in which the president catalogued his achievements and asked for a second term to continue his incredible good work.

Week in and out we see the first lady assembling school children across the length and breadth of the country distributing sanitary, hailing the Free Quality Education and urging them to vote her husband for a second time. Only yesterday women and school children converged at the city centre where the President and his beloved wife played host to them as they ‘appreciated” his government for the good work he has been doing.  A foot bridge at Wilberforce is about to be launched. An invigorated zest is being seen at the Congo Cross round about and the Lumley round about and work could be seen in and about the country. Bill ratification in Parliament has become an everyday affair.

Many Sierra Leoneans are wondering what the hurry is about especially at this last lap of their five year tenure.

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