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  1. Background

In March 2022, the World Bank approved the Social Safety Net and Youth Employment Project (PSSNYE). The PSSNYE is an IPF of US$40.0 million equivalent, with an expected project implementation period extending over five years (closing June 30, 2027). It will provide much needed technical and financial support to the GoSL to advance the agenda of social protection and jobs.

The Project Development Objective (PDO) of the PPSNYE is: “to improve access to social safety nets and income generating opportunities for targeted beneficiaries”.

The project consists of activities continuing from the Social Safety Net Project (SSN) as well as new ones such as the provision of Economic Inclusion Support, entrepreneurship support package and activities implemented in new settings such as public works in urban areas.

The project tackles key constraints faced by different segments of the population.  The different components of the project were designed to collectively benefit the different target groups and where they fall within the socioeconomic spectrum in the country.

The project is composed of five components as follows:

*        Component 1. SSN Cash Transfers and Provision of EI Support

(US$21 million equivalent)

*        Component 2. Productive LIPWs and Life Skills Support for Youth

(US$6 million equivalent

*        Component 3: Employment and Entrepreneurship Support for Youth

(US$6 million equivalent)

*        Component 4: Systems Development, Institutional Strengthening and Project          Management Support (US$7 million equivalent)

*        Component 5: Contingent Emergency Response Component (US$ 0)

The Ministry of Youth Affairs will be implementing Component 3b: support the design and implementation of the activities related to the youth platform in collaboration with NaYCOM, with support from NaCSA, NSPS, youth councils, local councils, non-state actors, and private sector organizations. Through this sub-component, the project will also coordinate strategic meetings and decision-making between relevant partners during implementation of the youth-related components of the PSSNYE.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs – is seeking the services of suitably qualified Sierra Leoneans to fill in vacant positions, to oversee the implementation of the sub-component 3b.


Duties and Responsibilities:

The Project Coordinator will be tasked with managing, co-coordinating and overseeing the PSSNYE Project and ensuring its timely preparation and implementation. The MOYA PSSNYE Project Coordinator also ensures co-ordination between the PIU and other relevant implementing ministries/agencies and beneficiaries including NaCSA, ACC, FCC, Stat-SL etc. with the overall aim of ensuring appropriate preparation and implementation of the Project. The Project Coordinator will take measures available to him/her to ensure preparation and implementation of the Project activities and achievement of its project development objectives, in compliance with deadlines and costs listed in the Project Procurement Plan, Annual Work Plan and other relevant documentation, which will be created with the NaCSSA procurement and the financial management team.

Main Duties:

The Project Coordinator shall:

Ensure the effective and flexible coordination, management, and implementation of the project with other MDAs and public institutions;

Ensure that project beneficiaries are well informed and involved in all project        activities;

Ensure effective administration and financing of the project, including timely submission of application for project funds;

Ensure timely disbursements and efficient use of project funds;

Supervise the all other staff under the MOYA component, and

Ensure timely and effective coordination and communication with NaCSSA and the    World Bank Country Management Team Specifically.

Scope of Work:

Project Coordinator will have the following scope of work:

*        Organize, co-ordinate, integrate, and monitor operations of the MOYA component        of the PSSNYE project and

*        Ensure timely preparation and implementation of the project documents such as *Procurement Plan, Annual Work Plan, as well as other relevant documentation,        and drafting and submission of project progress reports to NaCSSA         and the          World Bank Country Team;

*        Manage preparation and implementation of the Project activities and co-operate       with other institutions to ensure        timely and sound accomplishment of the

*        Project’s activities and achievement for the establishment of youth employment platform;

*        Oversee day-to-day activities of the PSSNYE PIU at MOYA, evaluate performance       and operational effectiveness (including evaluation of staff and feedback on their        performance), of project staff;

*        Develop and supervise implementation of standardized administrative and     operating procedures for the PIU, including but not limited to maintenance of         record-keeping and data storage systems; accounting and reporting formats      for financial transactions of the Project; procurement and contract monitoring system, etc.;

*        Oversee all operations and project activities including (a) fiscal activity and         budgeting, (b) procurement management and implementation, (c) monitoring and        managing/evaluating program activities, and (d) reporting to the World Bank on related fiduciary and technical aspects;

*        Report to Hon Minister of Youth Affairs and NaCSSA on a regular basis in           accordance with the guidelines on      reporting under the sections of procurement,   financial management, and project Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E),    and formulate policies and planning recommendations;

*        Build and sustain strong relationships with key partners and stakeholders in both    the private and public sectors, including coordinating upload of contents on the         platform;

*        Track and monitor results of end beneficiaries against targets in accordance with   the Project Results Framework and M&E guidelines as specified in the Project    Implementation plan, and take corrective actions as needed;

*        Supervise the fiduciary arrangement (procurement and financial management),      and administration of the project;

*        Prepare and submit quarterly project progress reports to NaCSSA, MOYA and the         World Bank.

Qualifications and Other Requirements:

  1. a) Academic Qualifications

*        Candidates for the position of Project Coordinator should have a strong knowledge of Project Management and general knowledge of Information and

Communications Technology (ITC). The prospective candidate should   have:

*        An advanced degree in project management and/or Information Technology or any    related discipline;

*        Significant prior experience, including senior leadership and management    positions, in relevant operations for a minimum of 7 years, with strong working   experience in technology related activities.

  1. b) Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements

*        Strong leadership capabilities and a demonstrated record of successful leadership of multi-disciplinary teams

*        Considerable knowledge of World Bank funded project and procurement guidelines

*        Considerable knowledge of IT Enabled Services and web based applications,     architecture and infrastructure

*        Working knowledge of personal computers including word processing,               presentation, and spread sheet      applications

*        Ability to handle stakeholders tactfully, courteously, and diplomatically

*        Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with project team members, NaCSSA, World Bank,     PIU staff, vendors and the beneficiaries.


Scope of Work

The Finance and Administrative Officer shall assist in providing efficient and accurate financial data, accounting and record keeping of World Bank funds and property in accordance with prescribed regulation and generally acceptable accounting principles and to provide efficient financial/administrative services pertaining to Productive Social Safety Nets and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) Project Programmes and activities.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Finance and Administrative Officer

*        Support the operations and management of bank accounts, petty and cash in      accordance with World Bank financial rules and regulations and local banking    practices and keep the supervisor and relevant colleagues   informed of any        timely action

*        Maintain the books of accounts, i.e., ledger, sub?ledger, cash book and all other records as required by the         financial rules.

*        Establish that all receipts are accounted for and have been deposited in time.

*        Prepare and compile monthly financial statement of project fund status.

*        Verify and process requests for cash advances, reimbursements, and purchase         orders

*        Prepare financial reports to project managers, donors, auditors, partners, etc.

*        Prepare cheques, drafts and maintain proper records.

*        Close the cash book on a monthly basis and reconcile the accounts to ascertain the      fund balance.

*        Ensure safe custody of the financial documents and data

*        Ensure that all the statutory deductions and other recoveries are affected and      remitted to the concerned         agencies/beneficiaries within the time frame required          by the status in vogue

*        Verify payments as to the completeness of the claims and in conformity to the rules

*        Prepare organization’s payroll, including payment taxes, managing staff bank        loans (processed through the office)

*        Assist to develop budgeting framework and support project development with   special emphasis on budgeting.

*        Collaborate fully with the NaCSA’ Financial Management team to prepare quarterly Interim Financial Reports, annual audits and AWPB

*        Provide all the relevant documentations of Financial transactions for Bank periodic Financial Indepth Reviews and external audit

*        Responds to client transaction status and other queries as needed

*        Any other task assigned from time to time.

Qualifications and Experience

The Finance and Administrative Officer will have the following qualifications and experience:

Master’s degree in accounting, finance/ business administration or directly-related fields would be an advantage.

*        A minimum of 5 years of relevant administrative experience in financial accounting          and administration in a similar position is required.

*        Have experience in managing donor funds

*        Understanding of development and humanitarian work is an advantage.

*        Experience using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and ability to use                        finance/accounting related packages and modules

Demonstrated understanding of the relevant finance/accounting processes and ability to consistently apply relevant policies, procedures and good practices in the daily work.

Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with clients and colleagues and gain the assistance and cooperation of others.

Ability to establish priorities and plan his/her own work and plan.

Good working knowledge in English.


Purpose of the assignment/objectives of the position:

*        To research, prepare, write, upload and edit digital content for platform.

*        To write, collaborate with employing agencies (public and private employers of      youth) and review blog posts, web content, newsletters, video content, as well as    technical content.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Content Developer

*        Create content strategies for MOYA.

*        Write creative and unique content as well as come up with innovative ideas.

*        Collaborate with employing agencies for vacancies to be shared for posting in the platform.

*        Work in collaboration with the Systems/Network Administrator and                Regional/District bloggers.

*        Rewrite old content from the website to include new contents.

*        Write technical content for the Youth Sector and its partners on Youth         Empowerment.

*        Overseeing the sharing of content across various departments mainly on social      media.

*        Optimize content for keywords that perform in top search results.

*        Review all contents including adverts before publishing on the web.

*        Stay up to date with various methods to create engaging and attractive content.

Qualifications and Experience

*        University’s degree in Marketing, Journalism, Mass Communication, or related     field.

*        A minimum of five (5) years Professional experience working as a Content *   Developer, Content Creator, or a similar position.

*        A portfolio of publications.

*        Familiarity with working with Content Management systems such as WordPress,        Wix, etc

*        Working experience in Copywriting or Graphic Designing will be an advantage.

*        Ability to work in teams as well as independently as and when required.

*        Provenresearch skills.

*        Excellentwritten and verbal communication skills.

*        Ability to multitask and set priorities.

*        Outstanding problem-solving skills.

*        Exceptional attention to detail.

*        Outstanding presentation skills.

*        Good time management skills.


Purpose of the assignment/objectives of the position:

*        To write, develop, format in the content management system and upload content         for the Youth Sector, MDAs and other development partners.

*        To write, collaborate with employing agencies and review blog posts, web content,         newsletters, video content, as well as technical content.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Systems and Network Administrator

*        Provide technical support to all project staff and beneficiaries.

*        Install and configure software and hardware.

*        Manage network servers and technology tools

*        Set up accounts and workstations in all project operational areas.

*        Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements.

*        Troubleshoot issues and outages.

*        Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls.

*        Upgrade systems with new releases and models

*        Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies.

*        Build an internal wiki with technical documentation, manuals and IT policies

*        Closely work with the Content Developer to upload all vacancies and articles.

Qualifications and Experience

*        University’s degree in IT, computer science, or related field of study.

*        A minimum of 5 years of Proven experience as a System Administrator or similar role

*        Strong understanding of computer network infrastructure.

*        Ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure         devices.

*        Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols.

*        Ability to create network diagrams and documentation for design and          planning network communication systems.

*        Experience with databases, networks (LAN, WAN) and patch               management.

*        Knowledge on system security (e.g., intrusion detection systems) and data     backup/recovery.

*        Ability to create scripts in Java, Python, Perl or other language.

*        Familiarity with various operating systems and platforms.

*        Resourcefulness and problem-solving aptitude.

*        Excellent communication skills.

*        Any professional certification is a plus.

*        Women and physically challenged between the ages of 22-35 years are      strongly encouraged to apply.

  1. DRIVERS-X2 Positions

Purpose of the assignment/objectives of the position:

Working under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, the Project Drivers will be responsible for the following:

*        General responsibilities;

*        Provision of reliable and safe driving services; and

*        Proper use of vehicle and day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Project Drivers:

General responsibilities

*        Conduct oneself in a professional manner; and

*        Maintain high standards of ethics, safeguarding and integrity at all      times.

  1. b) Ensure provision of reliable and safe driving services by doing the following tasks:

*        Drive the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner, with due care and                attention, always obeying the rules of the road, in order to avoid accidents;

*       Pay attention to, and respect the passengers and other road users at all        times;

*       Respect speed limits and adjust the speed according to traffic density,      pedestrians along the road, load of the car and road conditions;

*        Drive the vehicle for authorized journeys only;

*       Ensure all necessary travel documents are present at all time;

*       Wear a seat belt at all times and ensure all other passengers do the same;

*       Ensure that the first aid kit is present and complete inside the vehicle;

*       Never answer telephone calls while driving;

*       Have a decent sleep the night before travel;

*       Report all accidents / incidents involving the vehicle or its passengers to the *       MOYA Amin Officer, Programme Manager and Commissioner as soon as     possible;

  1. C) Proper use of vehicle and day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle

Ensure all equipment in the vehicle are well taken care of – spares, tools, first aid kit, water for longer trips;

*       Keep the car clean (body, chassis, engine);

*       Ensure vehicle is presented for services or repairs needed/schedules and notify the Admin Officer;

*       Report any mechanical malfunction noticed in the vehicle to the Admin Officer;

*       Conduct daily and weekly checks of the vehicle;

*        Update the logbook on a daily basis;

*        Prepare the vehicle in good time before departure (at least the day before), ensuring correct equipment for the specified location is present and all fuel tanks are full; and

*        Load and offload the vehicle as it becomes necessary.


The Project Drivers will have the following qualifications and experience:

*        Have at least WASCE level of education;

*       Have a valid driving license;

*       Have basic motor vehicle mechanical skills;

*       Have over 6 years of accident-free driving experience, 3 of which must have     been spent driving four-wheel drive manual gear vehicles;

*       Have willingness to drive a project vehicle to all regions of Sierra Leone;

*        Have ability to communicate in English;

*       Have good interpersonal skills;

*       Be culturally sensitive and good in character and integrity;

*        Be respectful and flexible with working hours;

*        Remain sober at all times.


All applications in writing should be accompanied by up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) and supporting documents with the names and addresses of three referees, one of which should be the last or current employer and addressed to: The Human Resource Department, Ministry of Youth Affairs, 24 Scan Drive off Spur Road Freetown.

Or  By E-mail application as attachment (including all copies supporting documents) to: shekubellay@gmail.com, jamessandi14@yahoo.com, mariatubrowne4@gmail.com

(Note: do not send originals)

Please indicate clearly on the envelop (in the case of hard copy application) or in the email subject heading and attachment (in the case of electronic applications) the post for which application is made.


Closing Date

The Closing Date and time for receipt of applications is 10th March, 2023.Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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