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Africell launches “Wave Yu Flag”

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Africell Sierra Leone has launched the Wave Yu Flag Independence Promotion in a quest to give back to their valuable subscribers as Sierra Leone celebrates its sixty-second independence anniversary celebration.

It could be recalled that Sierra Leone gained independence on the 27th of April 1961 and Republican status on the 19th of April 1971.

Since independence, there have been many changes in the socio-political, and economic spheres.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, the Chief Cooperate Affairs Manager of Africell Jose Abass Bangura said that the initiative behind this ‘wave you flag promotion,’ is to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Sierra Leone.

Joe Abass Bangura furthered it is a fusion of traditional and modern that showcase the country’s diversity and unity on Independence Day.

Joe Abass Bangura continued that Africell Sierra Leone will have an interactive offer, challenges, and activities with a new song and music video to connect with the general public and promote the country’s rich culture, history, and national pride.

Joe Abass Bangura added that even though it is not rosy but we are better as a country compared to other nations because we are not at war and the country is experiencing a stable peace.

Joe Abass Bangura said this wave you flag promotion is in three different categories as the first part is that if you are not an Africell subscriber you can buy and register a new Africell sim card and get the green, white, and Blue Sierra Leone flag free with five minutes talk time, fifty SMS and twenty-five megabytes which you will use for internet connectivity.

He said the second aspect is that as an Africell subscriber, you can take a photo with the Sierra Leone flag, post it on your social media, and tag africellsl on the various social media handles adding that the top ten posts with the most engagements, and likes on each platform will receive 2.5 gigabytes.

Whereas for Tik Tok, the top three male and female most creative participants with the highest likes, views, comments, and cumulative engagement will get cash prizes as the first position will bag home NLe 5,000, Second runners up NLe 3,000, and the third position will win NLe 2,000.

Joe Abass Bangura called on all and sundry to be part of the wave you flag promotion as Sierra Leone is a resilient and steadfast country that has surpassed the ten-year civil war, Ebola, and Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Bangura fostered that Africell aims at making a difference through the communication sector and the community being Sierra Leone leading telecommunications, data operator, internet connectivity, and Mobile Money.

He ended by congratulating and wishing every Muslim happy Eid Mubarak for adhering to one of the five pillars of Islam which is Fasting (sawm) wherein during the daylight hours of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, all healthy adult Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink.“`

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